Summer Intern Program: 2023 Cohort

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Weichin (Way) Lin, Customer Experience Intern, says that his summer internship experience was well-rounded and enriching, citing his opportunity to do meaningful work in the Intern Capstone Project, which will contribute to PBUCC's efforts to help clergy secure their financial future. Read more.

Emma Gun, Marketing and Communications Intern, says her internship allowed her to combine her passions for both film and economics through a variety of projects. Read more.

Sean Wang, Health Plans Intern, shares how he now has a deeper appreciation for the larger systemic needs within the UCC. His internship also allowed him to engage in research related to many forms of healthcare. Read more.

Tahera Shaikh, IT Intern, learned the entire project management cycle from requirements gathering to solution design, development, testing, and production. She also celebrates the opportunity to collaborate with her fellow interns, who displayed their individual strengths and skills, which contributed to the successful completion of the intern Capstone Project. Read more.

Rachel Lee, Investments Intern, shares how her work experiences at PBUCC increased her real-world application and understanding of PBUCC's integration of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) criteria, and sustainability, and how it also helped her to discover her career passions in concrete ways. Read more.