An Opportunity to Serve and Advance My Career

By InternKim Depass

 MG 3154 1

Anyone entering today’s job market, finding an employer where you feel like you can grow, your contributions are valued, and you are provided a comforting environment that encourages productivity, The Pension Boards–United Church of Christ, Inc., (PBUCC) is the place to be.

As a young professional, I have never experienced a setting where all of these components were present until I began my work at PBUCC. For as long as I can remember, I always wanted to contribute to an industry where I can support the most impactful members of the global community while being able to advance in my career. The opportunity to serve as the Health Plans Intern gave me the chance to achieve these aspirations.

 My academic endeavors lead me to the discipline of Global Public Health and Social Work, and through this field of study I concentrated on Minority Health Access. This desire to ensure that all people have access to adequate healthcare came from the understanding that there are many obstacles that prevent members of community, especially those who are historically disenfranchised, from accessing lifesaving treatments. At times, it can be difficult to find positions where I can execute the skills I have acquired from both disciplines while still fulfilling my goal to service the most overlooked members of our community.

When I saw the chance to work with PBUCC I could not have imagined a better position that spoke to all of the principals that mattered to me when considering employment. Being able to serve spiritual leaders of the community while applying my knowledge of health driven policies and procedures was not something that could be easily overlooked.

During my time here, I have witnessed the dedication of this organization to ensure that United Church of Christ clergy and lay workers are able to attain the highest quality of life through financial wellness, established retirement options, and high-quality health coverage for them and their families. Working with Health Plans and Member Services, at large, I gained much insight into what it takes to meet the needs of PBUCC members. Being able to contribute to company initiatives such as the New Products Working group gave me the opportunity to witness how PBUCC is always striving to meet the needs of our members through innovation. In addition, being able to collaborate with professionals in the field of Finance, Philanthropy, and Corporate Expansion gave me the necessary prospective to better understand what is required to provide for a community in this context.

Looking back to the beginning of this internship or even as far back as the initial application process, I can say that I did not expect to enjoy my time working here. I am grateful to have had the experience of such a nurturing and encouraging space.