Diversity — Different Fields Bring Unique Perspectives

By Intern Partha Adhikari

 MG 2997 1

My internship at PBUCC was quite an exciting journey. During the initial interview phase, I got to speak with Walter and Nakita (Human Resources), and interacting with them gave me a feeling of what the company culture would be like, and I was not mistaken. PBUCC has a very welcoming environment where everyone is quite approachable and that makes learning very interactive and exciting. The second round of interviews introduced me to my team and that helped me further understand what was expected from me during the course of the internship, and what opportunities I would be given to further develop my skill sets.

Being from the Communications team, I interacted with different teams and got a chance to learn about their roles. Having worked in a fintech company in India, I was quite curious to know more about the system here. I truly appreciate the work culture at PBUCC. Everyone was quite helpful and took their time explaining their roles, while ensuring that the interns had a learning experience during their time at PBUCC. As most of the employees were working from home, we had the opportunity to interact physically with only a few employees. However, during Employee Engagement Week, most of the employees came to the office and it was a fun opportunity to network with people from different departments and backgrounds.

Every week, PBUCC hosted a leadership roundtable session where we interacted with the leaders of different departments in the organization. We learned a lot from their individual experiences and received advice on how to approach our career in the future. I feel these sessions were truly enlightening and helpful for everyone!
Our Capstone Project was the main event of our internship. It was truly an exciting journey with the group of ten interns right from the beginning to the end. Initial ice breaker events such as the Scavenger Hunt, we truly got to know one another. Once we were presented with the problem statement of our Capstone Project, we took our time understanding what was going on in the organization and tried to identify the problems in order to come up with solutions.

The best part of this Internship was the diversity in the group of interns. Each one belonged to a different field and brought a unique perspective towards the problem. During our brainstorming sessions, I had fun just listening to the different ideas we all came up with to address the problem we had to solve. With so many different good ideas being pitched, it was difficult to narrow down the number of recommendations for our project. But soon all pieces fell into place. I strongly felt that we came up with good solutions that would be helpful for PBUCC!

Being a Marketing and Communication Intern at PBUCC helped me utilize the skills practically that I have developed while pursuing my degree. The leadership sessions and the experience has helped me understand what I want for myself in my career journey ahead. I would highly recommend more students to participate in the summer internship program at PBUCC!