“Valued as a Fresh Pair of Eyes”

By Intern Epiphany Larmey


I applied to PBUCC’s Summer Internship Program not knowing what to expect. I didn't know much about Pension Boards, and I wasn't too familiar with the United Church of Christ. But what I knew from the first interview was that PBUCC attracted people who I wanted to learn from, and I wasn't wrong. There are few companies who treat interns as well as PBUCC, and who truly recognize the value that each mind brings to the workplace. I was able to grow in my knowledge and confidence because of the confidence and care that was entrusted to me in the office. PBUCC really cares about being better, reaching people better, and adhering to a mission of love, which really came across in the workplace between colleagues and interns. I enjoyed getting to know everyone here— the interns in my cohort, the leaders who managed me, and the leaders who managed my managers. I am thankful for my time at PBUCC and the relationships and confidence this company has given me.

One thing which really drew me to PBUCC was their steadfast commitment to interrogating themselves on areas of improvement so that they could make the most positive impact.

As interns we were valued as a fresh pair of eyes that would question PBUCC and offer new ideas to make it better. We were able to exemplify this through our assigned Capstone Project, where we were able to compile what we have learned throughout the summer and make recommendations for the future. I found these values to be important to me at PBUCC. I want to work in an environment that is not afraid of criticism in order to not only be better as a company in terms of efficiency, but also in terms of morals and values. I had the pleasure of working in the Grants and Scholarships department which now more than ever is committed to reaching its members where they are in the most efficient way possible. It was inspiring to see the reason behind the work through the stories of people who are really being served by PBUCC.

My time at the Pension Boards has been very special to me, both in the work I have been able to accomplish, and in the relationships I have built. I learned more about what I value in a job and a company: An encouraging environment that is committed to helping people and making a positive impact on the world.