Privacy Measures

How Do You Protect My Personal Information on

PBUCC uses 256-bit encryption (TLS) to protect your personal information on This technology is among the strongest security available on the web today, providing a safe channel for information to pass between your computer and our systems.

You can tell a page is secure when:

  • The address begins with https:// instead of http://. The "s" means "secured."
  • A small padlock icon displays in the lower right corner or near the address input field of your browser.

Your personal information is never displayed or collected on without robust security measures. We are committed to protecting your privacy.

Is It Safe to Enter My Social Security Number on

We use 256-bit encryption (TLS) on our entire site to protect your privacy. It is impossible for others to intercept, however we do not ask for your full 9 digit social security number on our website.

Note: Please do not include your Social Security number if you send us an e-mail by clicking a link to a Pension Boards e-mail address. Sending e-mail this way uses your regular e-mail account, and secure communication cannot be guaranteed. If you need to give us your Social Security number or any other private information, please contact Member Services at 800-642-6543.  

Does PBUCC Ask for Sensitive Information Over E-mail?


PBUCC will never send you e-mail asking for sensitive information (such as your full Social Security number, health information protected by HIPAA, financial or salary information). If we need to collect information from you, we will always contact you by phone or in writing.

Beware of identity thieves who send fraudulent e-mails to trick you into disclosing personal or financial information. Criminals go to great lengths to create phony e-mails that appear to come from legitimate sources. You can protect yourself from this form of identity theft. Know that the Pension Boards will never send you an e-mail that:

  • Requests your full Social Security number, your password or any other user names or passwords;
  • Threatens to suspend or cancel your benefits if you do not provide your personal information;
  • Includes a link directing you to an unfamiliar log-in page.

If you receive suspicious e-mail that claims to be from the Pension Boards, please contact us to report it immediately. Do not reply to, or click any links provided in the suspicious e-mail.

Do I Need to Log Out When I'm Finished Using

It's smart to get into the habit of logging out when you are finished using or any other web site to which you've logged in. Logging out protects your personal information in the event someone else uses the computer immediately after you.

To log out, click "Log Out" at the top of any page on or simply close your Internet browser.

Does PBUCC Sell My Personal Information?


We take your privacy seriously and do not sell your personal information. We share information with our selected vendors only to the extend required for them to help administer benefits under the Plans administered by the Pension Boards. For more information, please refer to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA).