Annuitant Visitor Position Description

Annuitant Visitors serve at the discretion of the Pension Boards’ President and CEO and the Director of Leadership Initiatives. They are recruited by Regional Deans in consultation with the Conference Ministers of the United Church of Christ with final approval by the Director of Leadership Initiatives. Typically, Visitors serve at least two years but often serve longer due to high satisfaction with the work. Annuitant Visitors are accountable to the Director of Leadership Initiatives and will be evaluated annually.

Annuitant Visitors are usually retired United Church of Christ clergy. Visitors are assigned to call on a list of designated retired ministers, missionaries, lay employees, and their spouses/partners in a specific region. They have three basic purposes:

  1. Serve as ambassadors for the Pension Boards’ annuity, health, and ministerial assistance programs, either answering questions directly or connecting persons with the proper Pension Boards resource
  2. Express appreciation for faithful service on behalf of the whole United Church of Christ
  3. Offer collegial support

Annuitant Visitors are

  • Self-motivated, reliable, and mobile
  • Able to express care and empathy to others while maintaining appropriate professional boundaries
  • Authorized ministers of the United Church of Christ
  • Able to use email and access the Internet

Annuitant Visitors will

  • Contact every visitee at least once a year if in person or twice a year if via telephone or video call. In person, individual visits are strongly encouraged but the preference of the visitee and geographic distance are to be considered in determining the type of visit. Requests for not receiving a visit right now or permanent removal from the visitation list will be honored.
  • Review assignments throughout the year and assist the Regional Dean and the Pension Boards in keeping information accurate
  • Send a letter of introduction to any new visitee
  • Use the electronic reporting system on the Pension Boards’ website to file timely visitation reports that will be read by the Regional Dean, Director of Leadership Initiatives, and Conference Minister
  • File timely expense reports using SAP Concur at
  • Attend the annual Annuitant Visitor Seminar to maintain knowledge and skills regarding the Pension Boards’ benefit plans and best practices of the Annuitant Visitor role
  • Communicate to the Pension Boards any information that would be helpful in providing the highest quality of service possible to the persons being visited, including possible need for Ministerial Assistance
  • Serve as ambassadors for the Christmas Fund, a Special Mission Offering of the United Church of Christ
  • Maintain contact with their Regional Dean and Ministerial Assistance staff
  • Respond to requests and keep contact information up to date
  • Alert the Regional Dean or the Director of Leadership Initiatives when no longer willing or able to fulfill these duties

Annuitant Visitors receive an hourly stipend for their work. They are also reimbursed for reasonable expenses incurred, including postage, meals, lodging, and mileage at the IRS reimbursement rate on the date the trip was completed.