Educational Videos — Benefit Plans, Products, and Services

The Pension Boards is pleased to offer new educational animated videos on the many benefit plans, products, and services we offer to you, our members, so you can maximize Pension Boards’ benefits to secure lifetime annuity income, better manage your personal finances, and achieve overall health and wellness. Stay tuned for more videos to come.

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Why the Pension Boards Chose Humana

Discusses the features and benefits of the UCC Medicare Advantage Plan with Rx, administered by Humana, and explains the process and reasoning for the Pension Boards’ decision to transition to a fully-insured plan. Click to watch video

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Your UCC Non-Medicare Plan Benefits

The UCC Non-Medicare Health Plan supports your ministry through its offering of several comprehensive benefits including medical, dental, and vision coverage. Learn about these benefits through this special animated presentation which features a day-in-the-life of "Pastor Sarah." Click to watch video